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Knowledge from the Sarphati Cohort is used to address questions about healthy childhood development.

Our research supports professionals in policy and practice

Within the Sarphati Cohort, multidisciplinary teams collaborate towards one goal: a healthier future for all children in Amsterdam.

Our research provides insights into questions such as:

  • What impact does the living environment have on the physical and mental health of children?
  • To what extent does sleep affect the growth of children?
  • Which factors in children ultimately influence adult health, and how do these mechanisms work, and how can we positively influence them?


The Sarphati Cohort is the research structure that forms the basis for Sarphati Amsterdam. Sarphati Amsterdam collaborates with its core partners in multidisciplinary teams to develop solutions in the field of prevention and healthcare. We do this by integrating research, policy, and implementation. The core partners of Sarphati Amsterdam are: • Amsterdam’s knowledge institutions: VU Amsterdam, UvA, Amsterdam UMC, and HvA; • GGD Amsterdam: Department of Healthy Living; • Stichting Amsterdamse Gezondheidscentra (SAG): Department of Youth Health Care (JGZ). Sarphati Amsterdam is always open to new collaborations that can contribute to our goal of a healthier population in Amsterdam. Each form of collaboration must align with the societal role of Sarphati Amsterdam and will be evaluated by the Board of Directors.
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Knowledge Sharing and Networking

Within Sarphati Amsterdam, we consolidate our knowledge to contribute to the health of children in Amsterdam. An important aspect of this is bringing together professionals from research, policy, and practice on relevant topics. Periodically, we organize symposia and ‘Sarphati Explore’ events under the umbrella of Sarphati Amsterdam.