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Welcome to the Sarphati Cohort, a large-scale health study among children in Amsterdam.

Welcome to the Sarphati Cohort, a major research project on the health of children in Amsterdam. This study is initiated by GGD Amsterdam, with the aim of promoting a healthy future for all children in Amsterdam. By joining our study, you contribute to a healthy future for all children in Amsterdam.

Join us and make a difference

With the health study, we follow children for an extended period in their growth and development. Your participation means that the GGD may use a part of your child’s health data anonymously for research. You will also receive a short questionnaire one to two times a year and may be invited to participate in additional research.

Help children grow up healthy

By joining, you help all children in Amsterdam grow up healthy. The more parents/caregivers join in, the more we learn. Policymakers and professionals use this knowledge.

Gift Voucher As a new participant, you will receive an online VVV gift voucher of 15 euros for each child you enroll after completing the first questionnaire. You will receive an email with the VVV gift voucher code on the next working day.

How it works

If you have parental authority as a parent or guardian, you can give consent for participation in the Sarphati Cohort health study using the Sarphati App. Press the button below to do so.

Sarphati App

How do we handle your data?

Press the button and read ‘in your own language’ on the Sarphati App website how we securely handle your data.

Sarphati App


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