The Sarphati App for Amsterdam parents

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The Sarphati App for Amsterdam parents

Wednesday 31 July 2019

Have you already seen our Sarphati App? The app includes an animated film that gives a short explanation about the study. The app, including the animated film, is available in six languages. So everyone can take part! Take a look at the Sarphati App via Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple). You can also view the web version of the app via this site:

It’s easy to take part
Would you like to get involved and do you have parental authority as parent or guardian? Then you can login with DigiD via the app or website and give immediate consent to take part in the Sarphati Cohort. Just a few clicks and you’re part of it!

Taking part doesn’t take up much time
Your child’s growth and health data will be registered during your visits to the Parent and Child Team. Once you’ve given your consent we can use some of this data anonymously for scientific research. You’ll also receive a short questionnaire once or twice a year, until your child is 4 years.